After a long day at work, you need to blow off some steam. Sure, a long run might get your mind off things for a bit. Lifting weights may temporarily help. Sometimes, though, you just want to hit something. It’s why so many Oak Park residents are coming to Spinoxhiit for boxing. Not only do you get a comprehensive, full body workout, but boxing is one of the greatest stress relievers. Imagine burning up to 400 calories each session as you build muscle tone, agility, speed, and hand-eye coordination. Not to mention, boxing is an intense core workout. Keep reading to learn some of the top health benefits of boxing.

  1. Enhanced cardiovascular health – What comes to mind when you think of cardio exercise? Maybe some time on the treadmill or elliptical? How lame is that? The purpose of cardio is to place a moderate amount of stress on your heart and lungs so they can work to support a higher level of physical activity. As long as you keep your heart rate up while punching, there’s no reason that boxing can’t improve cardiovascular health.
  2. Improved total-body strength – Most professional boxing bags weight at least 100 pounds. Now factor in hundreds of punches as you work your upper/lower body and core. At Spinoxhiit, you won’t just be punching a bag for an hour straight. We want members to get the most out of boxing classes, which is why sessions also involve time with jump ropes and other exercises. Think of these boxing lessons like a circuit workout.
  3. Better hand-eye coordination – Are you looking to improve your reflexes and reaction time? Then boxing training is a must. When you punch a bag, you must be able to see the target, react, and hit it all while it moves and changes positions. After spending some time with our boxing trainer, your hand-eye coordination is bound to improve.
  4. Decreased stress – We all have some degree of stress. How nice would it be to literally sweat and knock out those daily frustrations? With high-intensity periods of exercise and punching, you don’t have much mental power to worry about how much you hate your job.
  5. Improved body composition – Boxing combines muscle-building strength training techniques and calorie-busting cardio movements. When coupled with a revamped diet, there’s no reason you can’t increase muscle mass and lose weight.

More About Our Boxing Gym

We want our members to get the full fitness spectrum. In addition to being a boxing club, we also offer kickboxing, yoga, high-intensity interval training, yoga, spin classes, conditioning, and more. What about really shocking your body with our revolutionary Spinoxhiit workout? As you might have guessed, Spinoxhiit combines spinning, boxing, and high-intensity interval training for the ultimate workout.

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