Body conditioning is a comprehensive, total body workout that can either get you in shape or keep you in shape depending on where your starting point is. Not only is it great for seasoned professional athletes, but also people who simply want to look better and, more importantly, feel better. A high-impact body conditioning session will typically contain sections devoted to aerobics, toning, and calisthenics, set to energizing music to get you pumped up. Equipment that is used in body conditioning classes includes, but is not limited to: weights, floor mats, and exercise balls. The ultimate aim of conditioning workouts it to increase lung capacity, cardiovascular endurance, and overall strength. At Spinoxhiit, our conditioning classes are designed to strengthen and tone all your body’s muscle groups while. No matter your experience level or background, conditioning is a positively impactful and useful exercise for you.

Benefits of conditioning

Healthy bones: Body conditioning will help you to keep all 206 of those bones both healthy and strong.

Better posture: Our body conditioning classes can help you to improve your posture and hold your head up straight and high.

Improved metabolism: Give your body the ability to burn calories faster by doing regular conditioning workouts.

Upgraded fitness: Workout your way to a fit and healthy body.

Better mood: Exercise releases endorphins, which make you happy.

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