High Intensity Interval Training

It’s in our name, all over the news, and your favorite celebrities are doing it. So, what is it? High intensity interval training or “HIIT” is a workout practice in which the exerciser does short intense spurts of cardio, as opposed to the usual longer, less intense intervals of traditional exercise. Ever since HIIT came to be in the 90s, it has been the go-to workout method for the masses. From David Beckham to your kids’ extremely fit English teacher, high intensity interval training is the workout method of choice for the healthiest people you know.

Benefits of high intensity interval training
– You will continue to burn calories long after the workout ends
– Because of the short workout time, it is easier to motivate yourself to do high intensity interval training on a regular basis than it is with many traditional workouts
-High intensity interval training is time efficient and easy to fit into even the busiest of schedules.
– By doing HIIT, you will boost your endurance.
– High intensity interval training is heart healthy and recommended by many cardiologists in order to build a stronger heart (although, if you have a heart condition, please check with your doctor before starting any new exercise regimen).
– HIIT increases your metabolism.
– Fat, not muscle is what you lose when doing high intensity interval workouts.

If you have questions about HIIT workouts, please contact us today. We would be glad to speak with you!

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