Be honest with yourself. Have you been going to the gym less and less of late? Frankly, you might just be bored with your current fitness routine.

Keep reading for exciting workouts that will not only keep you on your toes but also lead to positive results.




Have you been searching for a locally owned kickboxing gym in Oak Park? Then we invite you to check out the kickboxing classes offered at Spinoxhiit. Part of what makes this workout unique is that it combines martial arts techniques and ancient cardio.

If you’re hoping to lose weight in a relatively short amount of time, then kickboxing is definitely worth a try. This fat-busting workout works your back, legs, shoulders, arms, and abs all at the same time. Those days of going from one machine to the next just to get a total body workout will be a thing of the past.

Plus, who doesn’t like taking their frustrations out through punching and kicking? There’s no question that kickboxing is an effective stress reliever. Stop by Spinoxhiit today to speak with our kickboxing trainer.


Here’s another healthy way to blow off steam. Imagine a workout that allows you to burn up to 400 calories in a single session. Of course, we’re talking about boxing.

There are a number of reasons why more adults are incorporating boxing into their fitness routine. Let’s start with the fact that this workout promotes good cardiovascular health. Because it’s such an intense cardio exercise, boxing can help keep your heart healthy and strong for years to come.

Do your fitness goals involve building muscle? Rather than get burned out lifting weights every day, why not mix things up with the occasional boxing workout? This total-body exercise engages muscles you probably didn’t even realize you had.

One last thing about boxing is that it works your mind. Believe it or not, boxing involves more than just randomly punching as hard as you can. Experts agree that this workout requires a significant amount of calculation and focus, meaning it’s an effective way to train your brain to focus.


You’ve never given much thought to practicing yoga. So then why are more of your friends and family members doing it? At its core, yoga focuses on strength, flexibility, and breathing to enhance overall well-being.

The variety of postures, or movements, are what makes yoga so effective. Keep in mind that these key elements are designed to increase strength and flexibility while breathing. Yoga also encourages relaxation, concentration, self-inquiry, and meditation.

Still not sold on such a workout? It’s important to know that yoga can help with heart disease, blood pressure, aches and pains, depression, stress, and other ailments. Here at Spinoxhiit, the yoga classes we offer are a mix of power yoga and vinyasa.


You’ve probably heard about high-intensity interval training. But what does it entail? A HIIT workout is all about engaging in short, intense spurts of cardio as opposed to longer, less intense intervals.

We’re willing to bet there are times when you just don’t feel like getting on a treadmill for 30 minutes before heading to the weight room for another half hour. The good news is that HIIT workouts tend to be much shorter in duration, meaning it’s easier to motivate yourself.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the health benefits of HIIT workouts. The fact is that high-intensity interval training can help boost your endurance, increase your metabolism, and support heart health.

Our team is more than happy to discuss our HIIT workouts with you.

Take Your Fitness to the Next Level

Our staff at Spinoxhiit takes a no-nonsense approach to fitness. When you walk in the door, you won’t find any frills such as spas or daycares. What you can expect, however, is the equipment and staff needed to achieve your fitness goals.

At Spinoxhiit, we strive to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. You won’t find an environment of intimidation here. Rather, we make it a point to support one another in each of our classes.

See the difference Spinoxhiit can make in your world. Contact us today to ask about a free first week of training.