Everybody wants six-pack abs. It’s why you do countless planks, crunches, and other core exercises after an already grueling workout. Unfortunately, you have yet to see results. Maybe you’re even starting to get discouraged. What if there was a fun, challenging workout that also strengthened your core? There is – in the form of kickboxing. Keep reading as we further explain the benefits of kickboxing and why this workout can work wonders for your midsection.

Why You Should Join a Kickboxing Gym

It’s always a good idea to mix up your fitness routine every now and then. After all, doing the same thing week after week gets boring in a hurry. That’s why so many residents in Oak Park are trying out our kickboxing classes. Here’s the thing: kickboxing combines martial arts techniques and ancient cardio. What really makes it different from other exercises is that kickboxing allows you to work both your upper and lower body. Not to mention, a whole lot of stamina is required to get through an entire kickboxing session.

Let’s get to the fun stuff now. Are you overwhelmed at work? Tired of fighting with your roommate? Wouldn’t it be nice to take out your frustrations on a punching bag? We certainly think so. The punching part of kickboxing will get your heart pumping in a matter of seconds. Over time, those jabs, hooks, and uppercuts will help tone your upper arms, shoulders, and chest.

Then there are the kicks. You can expect front, side, and roundhouse kicks to gradually tone your legs.

How Kickboxing Classes Strengthen Your Core

We’re willing to bet that you hate traditional ab exercises. With high-intensity interval training such as kickboxing, you get an unintentional core workout simply by punching and kicking. Now, we’re not saying that you should do away with crunches and planks for good. However, kickboxing works muscles you might not have realized you had in the first place.

A Fun HIIT Workout

Few other methods of exercise offer the combination of fun and intensity that comes with kickboxing. Maybe you’re looking for a quick, effective way to burn calories and fat. On the other hand, it could be that you’ve been searching for a surefire cross-training exercise. In any case, kickboxing is absolutely worth a shot.

We want to help you achieve that goal of having six-pack abs. At Spinoxhiit in Oak Park, we are so much more than another random gym. It’s our belief that fitness centers don’t have to consist of unnecessary frills such as spas, daycares, waterslides. When you come into Spinoxhiit for the first time, you will see that we like to keep things simple. Our team makes it a point to have the space and equipment that members need and nothing more.

Now is a great time to ditch that old, expensive gym membership and try something completely different. We invite you to stop by, check out our facility, and speak with our experienced kickboxing trainer. Call now to ask about a free first week of training.