Rarely is it easy to lose weight. Not only must you change your diet, but your exercise routine as well. Unfortunately, that 30-minute weekly run on the treadmill probably isn’t going to lead to visible results. So you start to increase how often you engage in physical activity. You take it a step further by incorporating weights. Now you’re getting somewhere. But old-fashioned cardio and weights workouts can get old quickly. It’s why so many people wanting to lose weight are trying kickboxing. Keep reading as we explain why kickboxing works so well for shedding those extra pounds.

  1. It allows you to burn calories quickly – Most of us don’t have time to be at the gym for hours at a time. Therefore, you must make the most out of the time you do have. Fitness Nation cites a Harvard Health study that confirms a 185-pound person will burn nearly 450 calories in a 30-minute kickboxing session (without breaks). For you math wizards, that’s 900 calories burned for every hour of kickboxing. That’s fairly comparable to a number of other high-intensity workouts.
  2. It tones your body – There are few better cardio workouts than kickboxing. In turn, it works to tone the body faster than most other forms of exercise. Do you have unsightly love handles or a beer belly? Those areas can be toned over time thanks to regular kickboxing sessions.
  3. It works your entire body – There are countless workout programs in today’s fitness world. Very few, however, work the whole body. That’s not the case with kickboxing, though. When you attend one of our kickboxing classes, expect to work your back, legs, shoulders, arms, and abs all at once. This is a much better alternative than going from machine to machine at the gym.
  4. It’s a moderate to high-intensity workout – Are you looking to burn calories and get in the best shape of your life as quickly as possible? Then high-intensity workouts are critical to your success. Keep in mind that intense cardiovascular workouts such as kickboxing help you build muscle tone and lose weight.
  5. It helps reduce stress levels – The human body is pretty amazing. But when you’re stressed or distracted, it’s nearly impossible to stay healthy. What if you had a more effective outlet for getting rid of such stress? That’s where kickboxing comes into play. Imagine being able to take your frustrations out on a punching bag.

Oak Park’s Preferred Kickboxing Gym

At Spinoxhiit, we offer a wide variety of high intensity interval training (HIIT workouts). Kickboxing is undoubtedly one of our more popular ones and for good reason. If you’re a busy professional and just don’t have much free time, kickboxing is for you. Our kickboxing trainer will have you excited about this cross-training program each and every class.

We want to help you achieve that weight loss goal. At Spinoxhiit, you get the full fitness spectrum. Call now for a free first week of training!