For years, you’ve done the same workout. Jump on a treadmill for 30 minutes and then finish up with weights. The combination has helped you maintain weight, but that’s about it. You now realize it’s time to shake things up. Have you considered kickboxing? This workout combines martial arts techniques and ancient cardio. But is it right for you and will it help you achieve fitness goals? Keep reading to learn the health benefits of kickboxing.

  1. It tones muscle – Kickboxing is interesting in that unlike traditional boxing, it utilizes the upper body, core, and entire lower body. The constant punching and kicking of the bag tones muscle the more often you go.
  2. It increases flexibility – Your kickboxing trainer should encourage everyone to stretch about 15 minutes prior to the session. Keep in mind that kicking during the kickboxing classes builds flexibility as well.
  3. It allows for better circulation – One of the goals you should have when going to a kickboxing gym is to increase circulation in your body. As long as you put forth the effort, you should see your heart rate start to increase during workouts.
  4. It relieves stress – Traditional cardio and strength workouts are somewhat inferior to kickboxing in this regard. What exactly do we mean? Well, after a long, hectic day, how nice would it be to take all that stress and anger out on a punching bag? For many folks, this is what gets them to try the workout in the first place.
  5. It’s a full body workout – The majority of busy adults don’t have the time to dedicate more than an hour each day to fitness. With a kickboxing class, you can save valuable time by combining cardio and resistance.
  6. It teaches self-defense – It’s always a good idea to have several self-defense moves at the ready. Kickboxing is the perfect way to learn basic self-defense techniques. Not to mention, you will build self-confidence the stronger you become.
  7. It helps you lose weight – Kickboxing quickly burns calories and fat, especially belly fat. This workout also burns more calories than traditional boxing. So if fat loss and calorie burning are at the top of your fitness goals, kickboxing is definitely worth a shot.
  8. It improves balance – This is one that not many people think of. As you are kicking on one foot, you are forced to build balance and stability to throw harder kicks.
  9. It improves coordination – Kickboxing involves plenty of motion between your arms and legs. In order to properly execute punches and kicks, you must have the necessary coordination.
  10. It’s fun – If you’re taking the time to exercise, you should have fun doing it, right? Remember that kickboxing is a high-energy workout synced with motivating music and trainers.        

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