Every once in a while, we have to overhaul our fitness routine. Maybe you’re looking to shed a few pesky pounds. On the other hand, it could be that you want to try a completely new cardio workout. In any case, kickboxing could be the answer. Kickboxing combines martial arts techniques with ancient cardio exercises, resulting in a fun, yet strenuous workout. You just need to experience one kickboxing session to realize it works your back, legs, shoulders, arms, and abs. Then there’s also the fact that kickboxing burns more calories than traditional boxing. If you’re on the fence about heading to the local kickboxing gym, we want to help. Here are five things to expect in your first class:

  1. An intense warmup – What comes to mind when you think of a warmup? Probably a few calisthenics and easing into things, right? The warmup is a whole different story at kickboxing classes. You can expect your instructor to lead a 10-15 minute high-intensity interval training pre-workout. What’s the importance of getting going so quickly? The main benefit is that it helps raise your heart rate, increases blood flow, and works to prevent injuries and tears.
  2. Learning the proper techniques – Get ready to become a pro at jabs, crosses, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks, and other moves. Keep in mind that your kickboxing techniques will improve with each session. Not to mention, everything you learn from a kickboxing trainer can be applied in self-defense situations.
  3. A full body workout – Do you ever come out of a workout feeling like you wasted an hour of your day? That won’t be the case after a HIIT workout such as kickboxing. Part of what makes kickboxing so much fun is that new combo variations and exercises are added every single day. This way, your muscles won’t get accustomed to a set routine. The more you have your body guessing, the more rewarding the workout.
  4. Lots of fun – Doing the same workout multiple times a week can lead to burnout in a hurry. Spinoxhiit members would agree that kickboxing is anything but boring. Minutes into your first class, you will find that kickboxing offers a mix of fun and intensity that few other workouts can match.
  5. A tight-knit family – We’ve all been to gyms where the vibe is negative. For example, you walk in and the staff is extremely rude. Then you make your way to the equipment to start your workout, only to pass people pretending to be Hercules. At Spinoxhiit, we work hard to create a welcoming and non-judgemental environment for everyone to enjoy. Our kickboxing classes are especially popular because everyone is there to encourage you as you achieve those health goals.

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