What combines martial arts techniques and ancient cardio and looks super darn cool? Kickboxing, that’s what. Whether you’re looking to lose that last bit of belly fat, completely overhaul your fitness routine, or just start a fun new chapter in your fitness journey, kickboxing is a great choice. Kickboxing offers a unique combination of fun and intensity that you really just can’t find in most other methods of exercise. It’s not just high energy, but extremely effective. Kickboxing quickly burns calories and fat, especially belly fat (which is known to contribute to heart disease). This all-over-wonderful exercise works your back, legs, shoulders, arms, and abs all at once- making it the definitive total body workout. Unlike traditional boxing, kickboxing utilizes not only the upper body and core but the whole lower half of the body as well. Kickboxing also burns more calories than traditional boxing, so if calorie burning and fat loss are your main goals, it may be a better option for you than traditional boxing.

Benefits of Kickboxing

Great cross-training: Kickboxing is a fun and effective cross-training workout

Toning: As a high-intensity interval training workout, kickboxing is a great way to tone your body.

Discipline: The martial arts background behind kickboxing put an intense focus on discipline.

Prevents boredom: It’s honestly just really fun.

Kickboxing Tips for Beginners

  1. Decide on a goal and stick to it – Whether you’re hoping to shed some extra pounds or become more toned, be sure to choose your personal kickboxing goal. Then create regular goal reminders for yourself (sticky notes, for example) as a way to keep yourself on track. Without a set, quantifiable goal (i.e. lose 15 pounds in three months), you’ll just be going through the motions during workouts.
  2. Try different classes – Not every kickboxing class is the same. It won’t take long for you to realize that instructors have different teaching styles. So go ahead and try multiple classes, noting what you like and dislike about each. You can even discuss goals with the instructor and get their opinion on which class makes the most sense.
  3. Fuel up accordingly – It’s probably not the smartest idea to load up on fast food before a kickboxing class. Skip the drive-thru and eat a balanced meal consisting of about 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, and 30 percent fat one hour before the class begins. This will provide you with the energy needed to power through your workout, as well as the necessary protein and fat to help with recovery afterward.
  4. Have fun – Who says that a high-intensity workout can’t be fun? Kickboxing puts a traditional workout (running on a treadmill, etc.) to shame. If you struggle to exercise on a regular basis because you’re bored with a current fitness routine, then now is the time to make a change. We might be a little biased, but kickboxing is an absolute blast. Throw in the fact that our instructors instill an environment where everyone is encouraging each other and you’ve got one heck of a workout. So if you’re ready to finally look forward to a workout again, check out the kickboxing classes at Spinoxhiit.    

If you have any questions about our kickboxing classes, please contact us for more information.


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