What do you currently do to maintain an active lifestyle? From running on a treadmill and lifting weights after work to playing a game of pickup basketball during lunch, you certainly get your fill of exercise. But have you ever thought about mixing up your fitness routine? The fact is that yoga works the mind and body in a completely different way. In a recent post, we highlighted the top health benefits of yoga. Keep reading as we expand on these reasons to practice yoga.

  1. To live in the present – We’re constantly trying to do a million things at once. Maybe you occasionally fall into the trap of checking work emails when you really should be enjoying time with family. Don’t forget, however, that there is happiness to be found when we live in the present. When practicing yoga, you have the chance to get away from it all for a while and focus on what’s right in front of you. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing hot yoga, power yoga, or beginning yoga.
  2. To feel gratefulThe Huffington Post explains that many yogis begin and end their practices by dedicating their time on the mat to someone or something important to them. With as much stress as you may be under at the moment, it’s important to appreciate what you have. Believe it or not, attending yoga classes helps you do more of that.
  3. To make new friends – More than 20 million Americans practice yoga. In case you haven’t already noticed, yoga is becoming popular in Oak Park. So take some time to find a yoga studio near you and make new friends! Who knows? Maybe those fellow yogis will help keep you from wanting to skip classes.
  4. To spend some time alone – Sometimes it’s necessary to just reflect, evaluate, and observe. It’s easy to get burned out by the sounds of treadmills, weights, and loud music. With yoga, there’s none of that. Take advantage of the alone time so you can feel refreshed and revitalized.
  5. To stress less – Have you been searching for new ways to relieve stress? Then look no further than yoga. For one thing, those who practice deep yoga breathing report feeling less stressed. Deep breathing is a must for those under a significant amount of stress regularly.
  6. To mix things up – At Spinoxhiit, our yoga classes are a combination of power yoga and Vinyasa. They’re perfect if you want to break a sweat and keep your body guessing. Yoga for men? We have that as well. When it comes to yoga, there truly is something for everyone.
  7. To overcome challenges – Some fitness junkies are reluctant to try yoga because they think it’s not competitive. Here’s the thing, though: each practice is your own. Yoga allows you to compete against yourself to hold poses longer, increase concentration, and stretch deeper.

At Spinoxhiit, we want to help you enhance your physical and mental well-being. Get the full fitness spectrum at our Oak Park gym. Call now for a free first week of training.